Amazing k
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Amazing k

Choosing Amazing-k Johannesburg means placing your child in an Autism specific pre school & school.  A top-class facility with well resourced classrooms, and passionate, well trained staff, a therapy centre and multi-sensory room

Amazing K understands that Autism is not a term that describes a single symptom or way of being, but as the term “spectrum” suggests, it appears as a wide range of symptoms varying in degree and manifestation.  No two children diagnosed with autism are alike and it is for this reason that we are not a “product” or ‘treatment” specific facility.  We prefer an eclectic approach – one that is designed to fit the individual child, not the label.

Benefits to bringing your child to us includes:

  • Our Curriculum is Autism Specific, structured but flexible enough to accommodate a spectrum of challenges.
  • We follow an eclectic teaching approach.
  • It is an environment with a very low Child to Teacher ratio.
  • It is in a 24 hours armed response, boomed, safe and secure neighbourhood in Northwold, Johannesburg on the property of the owner whose daughter attends the school.
  • Loving Teachers, Therapists and Teachers Assistants to look after your child on either a full day or half day basis.
  • Spacious, well equipped and secure play areas with lots of shade for summer days.
  • High quality equipment and teaching materials sourced from around the world.



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