Project Pool-fill is complete!
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Project Pool-fill is complete!

As a school we up-cycle, recycle, re-use and switch off whenever and wherever we can!  Energy efficiency and how we use our natural resources is as much a part of Amazing K as what teaching our children is.

As much as a two-car garage, a braai and a backyard swimming pool defined the South African dream home for many years, pools have been losing some of their luster all over the world during the worst drought in decades.

In an effort to reduce our water usage footprint at the school we decided that it was time to take out the swimming pool and make space for a second playground for our children.  Whilst our other playground has beautiful artificial grass on it we decided to opt for Natural Grass on this playground. 

The benefits of Natural Grass is that is generates oxygen for improved air quality, it reduces noise and air pollution as the grass plant ecosystem serves as a natural filter for the environment.  Natural grass provided excellent soil erosion control and lawns improve the quality of groundwater, and improve flood control.  All this benefit whilst our children can now enjoy a new sensory experience on the 2nd playground. 

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