About Us
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About Table Charm Direct

For over 45 years, Table Charm Direct has had the privilege of changing people’s lives by offering them an opportunity to create, build and grow an income for themselves, their families and their communities. Our people are the heart of our business and we believe that every person deserves to have an abundant, prosperous life through commitment, dedication and hard work.

Michael Whitehouse

Managing Director

Table Charm Direct is a market leading Multi-level Marketing Company. We are a proud member of the Direct Selling Association of South Africa and are owned by the Bounty Brands Group, ensuring you an ethical and integrity filled business.

We are passionate about breaking the cycle of poverty. Our unique business opportunity allows our consultants to earn through multiple income streams. Table Charm Direct has created thousands of opportunities by assisting people to start their own business, selling our products part time or full time, with no risk, or the need for extensive experience or qualifications.

Since 1974 we have been helping everyday South Africans to achieve their dreams, provide an income for themselves, families and communities through an opportunity that is realistic, profitable, and more importantly, sustainable in the long term.

Above all, by helping one person sell our products, we offer them the opportunity to help others do the same